Using Engagement Surveys for Employee Retention

Engagement surveys play a significant role in strengthening employee retention. If you are not conducting these surveys in your company yet then you are way behind the times and will be left defeated in the tough competition in your industry. The success of a company relies on its workforce. Not just in their skills, but much more on their dedication to push the company forward. When you see a rising rate of attrition in your organization, this is a clear proof that your employees are not willing to go the extra mile for you and with you. This is why employee retention must be one of your goals if you really want to achieve success. Conducting regular engagement surveys with will help you with that, and here are the reasons why:

Ability to See Your Company Through Employees’ Perspective

Employee retentionUsing Engagement Surveys for Employee Retention Many bosses believe that they have the best organization, the most efficient system, or the most promising company because they only see everything from one angle. They are then immensely surprised when a survey shows that employees do not think the same. This simply implies that the staffs are not satisfied with how things are handled or the direction where the company is going and this dissatisfaction can drive them to seek employment from other companies. To avoid that scenario, you need to see everything from different perspective and surveys can help you with that.

Identify Problem Areas in an Organization

Using Engagement Surveys for Employee Retention Once you have opened the line of communication and have given your employees the chance to speak up their minds through the engagement surveys, you consequently learn information that will be extremely useful to you. Complaints and feedbacks can direct your attention to areas in your organization that need to be improved or changed and the moment you take action on that, you will be showing your employees that you have heard and valued their opinions. Such gesture will make them feel important and contribute in employee retention.

Improves Engagement

Using Engagement Surveys for Employee Retention Employees should not be treated like robots that you simply pay to work for you. They are part of your team and each of them plays an important role to steer your company in the right direction. Fortunately, engagement surveys help you reach out to them in a more personal level to understand their goals, visions, and needs. It is like telling them that their opinions count in designing the future undertakings of the company in all areas and that will significantly make them become more engaged. As a result, you can expect them to become more dedicated and strive to be top performers.

Helps You Design Strategies for Your Organization’s Success

Using Engagement Surveys for Employee Retention Hearing the complaints, opinions, suggestions, and feedbacks of your employees is a good chance for you to collect information that you can use in designing future strategies in improving employee retention. For instance, if majority of your personnel feel that they are working long hours, then by all means do something about it. You definitely would not want your highly skilled workers to burn out just because you failed to provide them a work-life balance. You can easily solve this by rotating overtime schedules or hiring additional employees to take the extra workload.

Using Engagement Surveys for Employee Retention Engagement surveys can be done verbally but handing out questionnaires is a more efficient way because it helps you tabulate the data that you can gather from their answers. Ideally, surveys must be done once a year and you must track the improvements between surveys. If you see the same complaints on the current survey, then that means that you failed to solve the problem and are, therefore, still dissatisfying your employees. On the other hand, if you see better feedback, then it signifies that you are doing things properly and can be assured that your highly competent team will stay with you for even longer.