Getting to Know the ID Lanyards

ID Lanyards are looped cords worn around the neck, shoulder or wrists to carry ID cards, name tags, badges, electronic gadgets or security access cards. In the office, factory and several other workspaces, lanyards offer the convenience of displaying name badges and log in cards. They are also used to hold keys, access cards and other items frequently used in the office.

Lanyards are also used as part of the safety and security system of a workplace. Lanyards are attached to “dead man switches” or “kill switches” on dangerous machinery. This is attached to the wrist of machine operators so that if the operator falls of, the lanyard attached to the operator will pull off the switch immediately and stop the machine. This is particularly useful for operators of cutting and/or grinding machines in industrial workplaces. Oftentimes, this is called a safety strap. The same mechanisms also work for those who are riding on a jet-ski, train and other high speed vehicles. Some exercise treadmills also have this feature.

For telephone linemen and utility workers, lanyards are used to prevent falls. These heavy duty lanyards are often made of high grade nylon and are attached to fixed object and the person’s body. This is also often used in outdoor activities such as mountain climbing, rock climbing and long hikes. Oftentimes, this type of lanyard is called a lineman lanyard.

ID LanyardsFor students, ID lanyards that also feature the name of the school are used to prevent the ID cards from being lost. The lanyard also adds to the identity of the student as the lanyard also shows the name of the school. You will know which school a particular student is attending without having to look at the ID card, which is often too small to read from afar. In addition to ID cards, most students also use it to hold other useful items mobile phones, pens and pencils.

In a sporting event, sports officials wear lanyards for identification purposes and also to hold whistles, tag cards, stop watches and ball pens. They are useful to allow them use of their devices with only a single arm.

ID lanyards are also used as promotional materials by schools and businesses. They are often given away during corporate events as identification mechanisms in a public gathering such as a concert, convention or conferences. It is a powerful tool to make your brand or company name visible to the public. Lanyards customized to hold a water bottle is ideal for a big outdoor event in summer.

Simply put, a lanyard is something that is used as a tying mechanism to hold objects and keep them from falling off. Depending on the requirements, you might require a specific style or design. There are a number of suppliers and manufacturers that can customize lanyards according to your specific requirement. You should look for suppliers that does not only offer a wide range of designs and material but is also reliable in terms of on time delivery.

For corporate events or workplace use, the lanyards should look sleek and have a professional feel to it. You can highlight your brand and trade mark by imprinting it on ID lanyards. For less formal uses, you can choose from various color combinations and braid patterns that will complement the theme of your event. If you have an advocacy to promote, lanyards are great tools to highlight your message. Some companies offer environment friendly lanyards such that they are bio-integrative, allergy free and toxic free.

Lanyards with special features such as a disintegrative mechanism to prevent choking and strangulation are also available. Some hospitals and schools require that this type of lanyard is used in their premises.

Don’t Leave it to the Makers to Decide: Important Things to Know When Ordering Neck Lanyards

The common misconception about neck lanyards is they are all the same because they serve the same purpose. However, getting to know more about your options when ordering this essential accessory helps ensure that you get the best value for your money.

There are actually different methods of lanyard imprinting and each one has its own pros and cons.

Hot Stamping

Hot stamping is the process of transferring the color from a thin film to a blank lanyard by applying pressure and heat using metal plates. Polyester is the ideal material for this process because it does not fully absorbs the color of the design and blots it like cotton does or easily smudges just like nylon.

Custom lanyardsHot stamping is the most affordable and fastest method in adding designs, even the most intricate ones, to blank lanyards. However, this is only recommended for neck lanyards that are only for short-term use as the imprints can easily fade over time.

Screen Printing

Silkscreen printing, also known as screen printing, is the most widely used lanyard imprinting method. It is done by adding “ink” or a coloring material to a very fine screen, which is inlaid with the preferred cut for the design or logo, and running a rubber scraping spatula over it to press the ink to the material and even it out.

This process produces more durable designs than hot stamping, but cost more because it is manually done, including the drying process. Additionally, the designs are also mostly limited to one to three colors because it is added one by one on the material using different screens. Most lanyard makers add curing agents to the ink to increase the design’s durability.

Dye Sublimation

Dye sublimation addresses both the problem in hot stamping and silkscreen printing. Just like hot stamping, it primarily uses heat to transfer color to the lanyard material, only the colors in this process really seep to the fabric, making it permanent. It has very good durability, but unlike silkscreen printing, it is not limited when it comes to the design intricacy and colors. However, dye-sublimated neck lanyards cost more than other types of lanyards and usually must be ordered in bulk.


This process requires the text or logo to be sewn in to the fabric of the lanyard, making it permanent like in dye sublimation. However, the design intricacy level allowed highly depends on the skill of the sewer. This cost higher than other types of imprinting methods, but is the most customizable as individual names can be embroidered on the fabric aside from the general design. Woven lanyards require low minimum purchase and usually take longer for the order to be completed.

Imprinting Methods for Other Parts

When neck lanyards use other materials such as vinyl or aluminium for badge reels or other hardware, which is also required to be imprinted, other types of imprinting processes are used. These are full-color printing, laser-engraved printing, and embossed printing.

Full-color printing is used when a colored image needs to be printed on a non-fabric part, such as in retractable lanyards. However, this process is best used only on vinyl.

Laser engraving is used when lanyards use aluminium or other type of metal for its parts, such as dog tags. This is a superior imprinting process as it ensures text and logo would be visible on the majority of the duration of the metal’s lifespan.

Embossed printing is another method commonly used for printing metal parts of neck lanyards. This process is also known as metal stamping and is achieved by raising parts of the metal to form the desired text or logo.

It is More Than Just a Coin

Challenge coins, as they are often called, have been a tradition in the military (and even outside the military) for so many years now. Many people may not be aware of what it is and why it has been customary for the members of a certain organization (especially in the armed forces) to be presented with a special, custom made coin as a symbol of allegiance and as a token of appreciation. These military coins, which bear the troop’s insignia, have played a significant role in instilling pride to anyone who is presented or awarded with it. Many have even been collecting and trading coins from different squadrons or troops or organizations. It is really amazing how a little coin can have so much worth. It is therefore just appropriate to dig in a little deeper and find out the small details and origin of a military challenge coin.

The history of military coins dates back to World War I, as stories have claimed. It was said that an American fighter pilot, who was captured by the French and was mistakenly identified as a saboteur, was nearly executed if not for the coin he carried around in his purse. The life-saving coin (given to him by his lieutenant just before they were deployed) bears their squadron’s emblem, thereby allowing the French troop to verify the pilot’s real identity as their ally. Because of what happened, the members of their squadron made sure everyone carries their own coin around, in case they would need it as their mate did, by coming up with a challenge where somebody initiates a “coin check”. Whoever is not able to show his coin loses and has to buy a round of drinks for everyone. That is actually how the term “challenge coins” emerged.

military coinsLooking further into the appearance of these military coins, it can be noticed that the designs are intricately carved on them. A challenge coin is usually designed with the organization’s name, logo and motto. Such coins are often the size of a silver dollar, or around 1.5 to 2 inches in diameter. The most common shape it takes is, of course, round, but it sometimes comes in a variety of shapes like pentagon, shield or arrow. There are just so many cut out options, and the materials they are made of vary as much as their shapes and designs. They can be made from simple pewter or plated with a stunning piece of gold. Generally, it can either be a hard enamel coin or a soft enamel coin.

The difference lies in the process of making the coins, and it definitely has nothing to do with how hard or soft the coins are. Both hard and soft enamel coins are molded to the preferred shape and size. However, in the process of making a hard enamel coin, the coin’s surface is polished by filling the deep-set areas after receiving color, creating a smooth finish. Soft enamel coins have raised and recessed areas too, but these areas are not filled, leaving them with a strong texture, creating a stunning effect with light. Based on the quality, one is not necessarily superior to the other. It is really just a matter of preference.

In modern times, military coins are not only crafted for the armed forces. Many organizations, schools and universities present coins to their members as a symbol of membership or a token of appreciation and respect. The deep-rooted history and the complex process of cutting, molding and designing these coins only reflect how significant they are. There are not mere coins, but a reminder of camaraderie, unity, pride and honor.

Custom Embroidered Patches or Direct Embroidery

A lot of companies use custom embroidered patches for their uniforms in order to give their employees proper distinction and identification. Most designs include a name tag and the company’s log. However, there is another option other than sewing custom-made patches onto the uniforms, which is to have the logo directly embroidered on the garment. Is there a difference between the two processes? Which one is better? Find out more in this short article.

Custom Embroidered Patches

The use of patches has been practiced for many years. They have been used in military uniforms, school uniforms, sports jackets, and a host of other varieties. This is a popular technique that is used to promote brand names and recognize a wearer. Its use and application have actually evolved over the years.

These custom embroidered patches are just embroidered pieces of fabric. Designs vary, from logos, emblems, names, and other types of symbols. These patches can be applied to any kinds of apparel, and this versatility is what makes it popular not just to businesses, organizations, clubs, and schools, but also to individuals for their personal use.

These are highly customizable and are low maintenance. They can also be easy do-it-yourself projects since you don’t have to actually worry about what garments and fabrics to use as long as they match. Sewing the patches to the garments is easy, as well. They can be sewn by hand or with the use of a machine.

There are varieties that make use of Velcro strips, especially for military uniforms and scout uniforms so they can just transfer the patches from one uniform to another, thus, saving them from spending too much on the patches.

It is easy to find manufacturers. If you don’t have a design in mind yet, they can also help you with the design since the best patch providers offer consultation with their resident graphic designers. If you will be utilizing these patches to promote your products and you don’t have the logo yet, they would be able to help you design one that will be eye-catching to your prospective customers.

For the budget-conscious, most of them offer good discount deals, especially when you purchase in bulk.

There are patches that are considered collector’s items by most avid patch collectors. Examples are patches from famous sports teams, popular organizations, important events, charity and fund raising events, and even school patches. They can be considered as keepsakes. There are patches that have interesting stories behind them and these are what interest most collectors.

In some sectors, these custom embroidered patches are considered as status symbol, think military rankings and achievements here. There are military uniforms, also, that use patches for to indicate from which country they serve. They are either sewn permanently or attached with Velcro strips.

Employees proudly wear their uniforms with patches because they feel a sense of belonging, and if they work for a popular brand name, there is also a sense of pride in wearing their colors and logo.

Direct Embroidery

Custom Embroidered patchesThis is also a popular technique but not as versatile as the custom patches. They can be hand-sewn to the garments. The direct embroidery technique is common in the restaurant, corporate, and hospitality industries. Notice that the names of the restaurants and hotels are embroidered on their staff uniforms. Notice a chef’s uniform? Their names are embroidered as well.

It is advantageous because it allows easier movement on the wearer since it is part of the garment. There is also a smoother finish compared to the patches. However, this is more expensive.

If you have budget constraints and you want more versatility and practicality, your best option are custom embroidered patches.

The Different Kinds of Keynote Speakers

There are different types of public speakers that companies can choose to work with depending on what type of speaking it is that they are in need of. The kinds of speakers that can get a specific message across in a short amount of time are the keynote speakers who also come with varying qualities and skills.

These particular speakers work on business or work-related events on most occasions. They are hired because they know how to engage an audience and influence them to give a particular product or concept a try. Especially for new industries, this is the kind of professional that they need to introduce their offerings to the world.

For some people, they feel as if they will be wasting money by hiring public speakers. In reality, it is way better for them to get the assistance of these people rather than resort to sending their target audiences catalogs or other printed paraphernalia.

When companies have a new concept to introduce, a conference is arranged. The reason behind this is that there is a positive vibe and an environment of open minds that is fostered when people from similar industries are gathered together. The keynote speakers in this case act as the shepherds who will tend the flock.

Keynote speakersIn a normal conference setting, most of the attendees lack the necessary focus during the initial parts of the assembly. This is probably because their minds are far away from work. Even if they are dealing with something that is work-related, not being in a traditional office setting distracts them in a way. This is where the speaker comes in. He starts by getting the attention of this unfocused sheep.

With a simple yet entertaining introduction, public speakers are able to garner the attention of their audience. The next step is to maintain this attention. This is why most keynote speeches do not exceed an hour. It is important to get the message across and do it in a short amount of time, just enough to give the people what they need to know when they are still listening to you.

There are different types of keynote speakers, each with his series of skills. The first one is often referred to as the generalist. Based on the name, this is the kind of speaker who hands out general information about a particular topic. It is someone who acts like a teacher. Although audiences do learn about a new concept, there is really no call for action. The goal is simply to disseminate information.

Some speakers are referred to as the gurus because they are highly familiar with the technical aspects of whatever it is they are talking about. They can provide additional information, technical information, about the topic at hand but just like the generalists, that is about it.

Companies can actually find freebies these days. These are keynote speakers who literally work for free. Depending on the situation, it may be a wise idea to contract someone like this. A freebie is usually an industry celebrity or one who is simply passionate about the concept. He can be someone who just wants to lend a helping hand.

And then there are corporate executives and advocates. The former pertains to speakers who are backed by the companies that they are speaking for. Generally, they will deliver nothing but positive insights on the matter. In most cases, audiences prefer external speakers to corporate execs.

In the case of advocates, they possess most of the qualities and skills that the former types have. They are the keynote speakers who you want at your event. They know what the industry is about, they have researched the concept to be discussed well enough to answer any queries that may be raised, and they have the ability to inject a bit of humor into their speech.

Pensacola Entertainment – Free Activities

Pensacola, Florida is a highly populous tourist region. It attracts all sorts of people from all over the world. Therefore, you might find that some of the activities aimed at tourists are a bit on the pricier sides. Fear not, for there are plenty of free forms of Pensacola entertainment. that you can definitely enjoy. Don’t break your piggy bank by spending so much money on expensive attractions, and enjoy the costless allures of this beautiful city. Below, we are going to tell you about the different types of Pensacola entertainment you can take part in without needing money.

Here is just a small list of the many freebie tourist attractions:

The National Naval Aviation Museum

Pensacola EntertainmentPensacola’s aviation museum is one of the world’s premier naval museums. You can enjoy the rich history of the nation’s aircrafts. There are thousands of different historical artifacts and over a hundred aircrafts representing the U.S. navy, marines, and coast guard. Not only will you be able to discover more of the U.S. military’s past, but you can experience what the brave military personnel do as well through the flight simulator available in the museum. After you take a spin in the simulator, head over to the IMAX Theater located on site and watch the beautifully high definition films that the museum offers.

T.T. Wentworth, Jr. Florida State Museum & the Arcadia Mill Archaeological Site

These two museums are located within the Pensacola Historic Village. You can visit them at your will while you walk through this location that is very rich in history. The state museum will help you discover all of Pensacola’s history and origins, while you can take the self-guided walking tour down the archaeological trail to uncover the different artifacts left behind by the first settlers.

Quayside Art Gallery

This is a co-op gallery that boasts of the work of around two hundred local artists. It’s said to be the largest co-op gallery in the Southeast, and is free to the public. Walk down to the gallery and spend some time marveling at the immense local talent found in Pensacola. If this interests you, you might also want to consider Pensacola’s frequent gallery tours, where you spend a few hours of the night crawling from gallery to gallery.

Veterans Memorial Park

This park features memorials of WWII, the Korean War, and also the famous Wall South. The Wall South is well-known as being the only full replica of the Veterans Memorial that is found in the nation’s capital, Washington D.C. You won’t have to fly up to the capital to see just how amazing this monument is. Fill yourself with historical acknowledgment as you walk through Pensacola’s Veterans Memorial Park. You’ll find yourself having a higher appreciation for the States’ armed forces.

Festival and Events

Pensacola offers various festivals and events year-round. Some of these are the jazz festival, seafood festival, various arts festivals, wine festivals, etc. Check out Pensacola’s events calendar online to see the full list. You can also try and check out “Evenings in Olde Seville Square,” which often shows various free concerts. Pensacola residents and tourists alike take their lawn chairs and goes to have a nice night out enjoying great music. These concerts aren’t on a regular schedule, so make sure you go to the website to check their events and bands calendar for more information.

Hikes and Drives

There are various trails and scenic routes in Pensacola that you should check out. You’ll be able to enjoy the natural beauty of these hikes and the fantastic views of the scenic highway.

The people of Pensacola know that travel isn’t just for rich tourists. While there are plenty of paying activities that are equally fun, you should definitely check out these free forms of Pensacola entertainment. You won’t be disappointed in the rich culture this vibrant city offers.

Letting Live Chat Be Your Customer Service Superstar

A good number of studies, articles, and publications have pointed to the benefits of live chat on e-commerce sites. For one, this system of customer service provides a business an edge over its competition. A study has revealed that businesses, in spite already knowing the good real-time chats provides, still do not offer it. This opens up a lot of room for one or two businesses to pioneer in the field. For example, leaders in the retail business do not employ chat systems, which could allow smaller players to lead and be among the first in the provision of this system, which may in turn let them carve a customer service niche. Moreover, recorded chats can reveal to a company particular “pain points” of their customers. These chat sessions with customers are a gold mine of information for companies that are looking for ways to improve on their service, as they get information on the common concerns that catch the ire of their website visitors.

But with the benefits of these chat systems revealed, it should be noted that it cannot provide those benefits properly if the business does not know how to properly utilize it. With poor execution, the potential of this system cannot be fully realized. Thus, along with realizing what is good about it, business should also know how to make the most out of this software. Here are a few points to consider:

A team to manage and actually man this system should be properly trained

Live chat systems can also prove to be useless if the representatives chatting with the customers have weak knowledge about the company’s products, inventory, and navigation of the site. In an ideal setting, chat representatives should know the e-commerce website inside out with eyes closed and should be prepared to answer the most common customer queries. These representatives should also know real-time events like how much of a product is left in the company’s inventory or if there are system issues on the website. Constant updates and follow-up training sessions, along with FAQs and cheat sheets would improve their performance and enable them to be quick about answering customers’ concerns.

Awareness of shopping reaps benefits

live chatThis is especially true for products or services that have an international appeal. For example, an online shop that sells Formula 1 memorabilia may have a more international audience compared to an online shop that sells NBA or NASCAR gear. With this knowledge, the owner of the online shop should be aware of where his or her shoppers are coming from, primarily to forecast how many people should be ready on the live chat system to answer customer queries. In the example mentioned earlier, F1 paraphernalia would be most popular to shoppers in Western Europe, as well as in the Middle East and East Asia. Stores offering specialized products should not expect that sufficient manpower during 9 to 5 Pacific Time to work.

Being systematic is fine, but being robotic will not work

A primary edge of installing a live chat system to an e-commerce website is to provide human help – the kinds that feels authentic and personal to the customer. Thus, it will never help if the service your personnel provides would lack empathy and sincerity. Making chat personnel answer in a canned manner without consider whatever special circumstances a particular customer may be in would be disastrous to a company’s customer service reputation. Customers can spot out and feel wooden responses right away.

With these factors put into action, there is no doubt that a live chat service will form an integral part of a company’s successful customer service campaign.

Strategies in Finding a Premium VPS Server that Meets Your Requirements

Choosing a VPS server for your server needs means a great deal of savings. Nevertheless, this still requires you to spend money on obtaining the service. Therefore, your goal is to sign up for the best VPS plan worth investing with your business. Tips on how to find the right one for you are the following:

Check Out Initial Resources Offered

Server resources such as memory modules and processors are the core elements that support server operations. Higher resources mean streamlined performance and stable server operations. However, extra higher resources also imply costly rates on monthly fees. For starting entrepreneurs, obtaining extremely high memory and processor speeds may be unnecessary. Start with a smaller option for savings and then just upgrade them in the long run once demands increased.

Even on a budget, it’s best to look for processors with quad-core or hex-core features to ensure speed. These are the among the latest processor releases that many high profile server users prefer. Ideally, look for RAM speed ranging from 512 MB to 1GB for basic plans and several gigahertz (GHz) of processor. As for disk space, start with 10 GB to start up your server plan. After some time, monitor if you think server operation demands have increased or if you’re already consuming your disk space.

Aside from these features, it’s also essential to obtain good bandwidth limit for data transfer. Starting website owners can find 1500 GB worth of bandwidth beneficial for them since the website still doesn’t have that much traffic. This feature is upgradable as well. Aside from the limit, it’s also vital to check the overage fee price to be prepared in case you go beyond the limit.

Verify Root Access for Advanced Users

Majority of VPS server options are unmanaged, which means the user is responsible for every management procedure. Since the client is the one responsible, it’s important that the hosting company grants complete root access to users, ensuring they can manage their servers with ease.

Complete root access means the client should be able to do basic management procedures like server reboot, operating system reinstallation, DNS configuration, and others.

Sign Up for a Month of Service

VPS serverOne of the good things about VPS server hosting is you can sign up for a month’s worth of service instead of signing up for a full year of service. A whole year of service means you can’t leave the company without incurring cancellation fees if the company’s policy requires it. It’s all about finding the right service provider that has monthly VPS service.

During the first month, gauge whether the server’s performance and uptime work for you well. If the service works well, renew the contract for a longer time then continue with the service.

Reviews Still Help

Reviews are the main sources of Intel in shopping for a good service provider. When you look for reviews, consider reading the most detailed ones available as they have the information you need in finding the best VPS server. Read their current business and status and compare your business with them. Similarities with your current business status and website needs will give you an idea whether the plan they obtained will also be suitable for you.

Gather Collective Feedbacks from Server Users

Numerous forums dedicated to websites and web hosting are currently available as your aid. Register and post your questions on these forums and gather collective feedback from expert and experienced website owners about VPS services. They’ll inform you of brands and their specific offers that can be useful for you as you shop around.

Obtaining a VPS server is the first step to setting up your website and online business. Due to being an investment, it’s important to find the best hosting option with these tips that will match well with your requirements.

Callaway Golf and Other Terminologies

Golf is a fairly easy sport. Although it is physical, it does not require strenuous physical movements like other sports. But if you are a newbie to the sport and you are just developing an interest for golf, it may be hard to watch a game on television or on a golf course because of the terms used in the game.
Callaway golfFor beginners, golf equipment are made up of a golf ball, a tee, and a set of Callaway golf clubs. But if your knowledge of golf ends in what equipment are being used, then you are in for a treat: there are the shots that you have to learn, and of course the terminologies that golf enthusiasts, players and officials use. It may be nerve-wracking at first to decode the weird words used in golf, but when you have learned their meanings and have gotten used to them, it will be easy for you to follow the game.

  • Golf came from a Dutch word ‘kolve’, meaning club. It was believed that the sport originated in Scotland in the 15th century where a group of men holding sticks with bent and angled bottoms strike a ball from one point to another. The one with the least strikes to get to the other point wins. But there is a debate about where the sport really came from. Some say that as early as the 13th century, a sport of similar kind was already being played in Holland, that’s why the word golf was derived from the Dutch terminology.

  • Fore is a term that golfers use when they hit a bad shot. It is short for ‘before’ where players are warned to look forward and ahead before striking their Callaway golf club to avoid doing a wrong shot.

  • Links has a very Scottish origin. In Scotland in the old ages, a links referred to a patch of land that was not suitable for farming, and where sports such as golf were played because of the availability and scarcity of the land of trees, body of water, etc.

  • Birdie was first introduced as an acceptable terminology in golf in the 19th century when the sport’s popularity reached the United States. It is used to mean a very good score in golf. If a golfer scores a birdie, it means that he hit the ball into the hole 1 under par, like if he plays on a par 4 hole, he finishes the shot in 3 strokes.

  • Eagle is a far better score than a birdie. An eagle is made 2 under par, meaning the golfer shoots the ball in the hole with two more remaining strokes in the game.

  • Par is the number of shots that a golfer makes to take the Callaway golf ball into the hole. A hole can be par 3, par 4 or par 5, meaning a golfer should make three shots in a par 3 hole, and so on.

  • Handicap pertains to a golfer’s ability to play the game in any given time. Handicaps are described in numbers, with the lowest number being the best handicap, and the highest number being the worst handicap.

  • Hole in one is a very simple term which means that a golfer hits his Callaway golf club and shoots the ball in the hole in one stroke. A hole in one does not happen very often, especially for longer holes.

It was said in the past that golf meant Guys Only Ladies Forbidden, because it was a sport played only by gentlemen. But if you watch golf tournaments on television these days, you will see women dominating the sport and wowing the men with their expert skills in golf.