Callaway Golf and Other Terminologies

Golf is a fairly easy sport. Although it is physical, it does not require strenuous physical movements like other sports. But if you are a newbie to the sport and you are just developing an interest for golf, it may be hard to watch a game on television or on a golf course because of the terms used in the game.
Callaway golfFor beginners, golf equipment are made up of a golf ball, a tee, and a set of Callaway golf clubs. But if your knowledge of golf ends in what equipment are being used, then you are in for a treat: there are the shots that you have to learn, and of course the terminologies that golf enthusiasts, players and officials use. It may be nerve-wracking at first to decode the weird words used in golf, but when you have learned their meanings and have gotten used to them, it will be easy for you to follow the game.

  • Golf came from a Dutch word ‘kolve’, meaning club. It was believed that the sport originated in Scotland in the 15th century where a group of men holding sticks with bent and angled bottoms strike a ball from one point to another. The one with the least strikes to get to the other point wins. But there is a debate about where the sport really came from. Some say that as early as the 13th century, a sport of similar kind was already being played in Holland, that’s why the word golf was derived from the Dutch terminology.

  • Fore is a term that golfers use when they hit a bad shot. It is short for ‘before’ where players are warned to look forward and ahead before striking their Callaway golf club to avoid doing a wrong shot.

  • Links has a very Scottish origin. In Scotland in the old ages, a links referred to a patch of land that was not suitable for farming, and where sports such as golf were played because of the availability and scarcity of the land of trees, body of water, etc.

  • Birdie was first introduced as an acceptable terminology in golf in the 19th century when the sport’s popularity reached the United States. It is used to mean a very good score in golf. If a golfer scores a birdie, it means that he hit the ball into the hole 1 under par, like if he plays on a par 4 hole, he finishes the shot in 3 strokes.

  • Eagle is a far better score than a birdie. An eagle is made 2 under par, meaning the golfer shoots the ball in the hole with two more remaining strokes in the game.

  • Par is the number of shots that a golfer makes to take the Callaway golf ball into the hole. A hole can be par 3, par 4 or par 5, meaning a golfer should make three shots in a par 3 hole, and so on.

  • Handicap pertains to a golfer’s ability to play the game in any given time. Handicaps are described in numbers, with the lowest number being the best handicap, and the highest number being the worst handicap.

  • Hole in one is a very simple term which means that a golfer hits his Callaway golf club and shoots the ball in the hole in one stroke. A hole in one does not happen very often, especially for longer holes.

It was said in the past that golf meant Guys Only Ladies Forbidden, because it was a sport played only by gentlemen. But if you watch golf tournaments on television these days, you will see women dominating the sport and wowing the men with their expert skills in golf.

Learn the Ins and Outs Before You Buy Instagram Followers

To buy Instagram followers is to achieve your expected goal: your previously unnoticed photos suddenly garnering attention. But do you really know the ins and outs behind all this buying business yet? If not, just read on.

Websites that advertise “buy Instagram followers” will always have any or all of these features:

• the prominent use of the Instagram logo. Logos of social media sites are always free to use by anyone on anything, even in offline advertising, as long as the logos retain their purpose of promoting the sites themselves.

• an information page that exactly tells what the site is all about despite different wordings. This also includes information on payment processors it accepts such as PayPal.

• packages containing a set number of followers plus their corresponding prices. For example, one site boasts 300,000 followers for only $300.

• the estimated delivery times for those packages. Bigger packages normally require longer periods of time.

• an FAQ page, a reservation form where you can enter particular info. Be careful not to hand over sensitive information to strangers, whether complete strangers or strangers posing as your friends and family

• a photo gallery, and testimonials from satisfied customers.

instagramOf course, there are also sites that promise followers without you paying even a single penny, but they only provide a thousand followers at most. Prices and packages differ from website to website and company to company.Get your math senses working and determine which package offer the best value for your money.

But now, you must heed a word of caution. Never become too obsessed with “buy Instagram followers” sites and their promises. Some of those sites may be scams, and others may not live up to their assurances. Furthermore, you must not use those “buy Instagram followers” sites as a means to an end (instant gratification by hogging too much attention). Only use those sites when you think you have exhausted other options. Otherwise, you will be perceived negatively and will start receiving negative posts on your Instagram account. On a worst case, you will have to close down your Instagram to stop the negative posts. This will destroy your reputation and will make it difficult for you to get back on social media, unless you change your name and product information.

Besides fixation with instant fame and fortune, you should not excessively depend on these seller sites if their actions constitute a violation of Instagram’s terms of service, particularly the abuse of the site’s mechanisms. No website is foolproof, not even the most popular social media sites. Devious people will always take advantage of the sites’ Achilles heels and exploit them to their own ends. Only trust seller sites who have real people working their legitimate magic with judicious manual spreading and marketing. There should beno bots posing as people who take advantage of the chinks in Instagram’s armor and committing foul violations of the terms of service as a result.

In addition, never trust seller sites that have the .ru domain name (except for really popular ones such as VKontakte, the Russian answer to Facebook). Even though those follower-selling sites are written in English (though they will more than likely be littered with typos and grammatical errors if you look close enough), if they have the .ru domain name and convince you to pay in rubles, scram immediately. Russia has an infamous reputation of playing host to huge cyber-criminal activities such as scamming to botnets to online fraud to hosting and distribution of malware, and its authorities are still trying to quash the cyber-mafia that is still scaring the entire connected world and giving security analysts headaches and sleepless nights.

Recycling Rubber Bracelets

Unusable and unwanted things often go out to the trash because people think that they cannot be used ever again. However, there are ways to recycle things that you have decided not to use anymore. Old jeans can be made into denim bags. Old shirts are useful as rags. Cans are very convenient as pens and pencil holders. Bottle can be reused as vases. There many things that can be recycled and even the most unthinkable ones can be recycled, too. This includes the rubber bracelets.

If you grew up in the 1970s or even in the 1990s up to the present, then you might have one or more rubber bracelets. They became very popular especially during the late 1990s to up to the 2000s. They were made for promotional, charity, and advocacy purposes. People who idolized musical artists or bands also have bracelets that have the name of their favorite musicians printed, embossed, or engraved on the band. However, some people may grow tired of such bracelets due to changing interests, and some people only purchased them for the sake of having them. Many people received them as charity promotional materials.

If you are one of these people, then this article is the perfect one for you. It will help you recycle those unwanted rubber bracelets in a fun, convenient, and creative way.


The simplest way of reusing these bracelets is to cover them with fabrics that fit your style. For example, a flowery designed fabric or an animal printed one can be used to decorate them. You can also glue on different accessories such as buttons, shells, and other trinkets that fit the style of your chosen design. This method results to a hip, fashionable, and trendy bracelet that you can use in casual, formal, and even everyday events.

Broken rubber bracelets can also be used as decorations. You can glue them together to form swirls, and attached them to bags, vases, and other things that you want to decorate. These broken bracelets can also weave into cup coasters. You just have to be more meticulous so that the resulting weave is even. If you have a lot of these broken, you can glue them together at the ends in order to form longer ones and weave them into a mat, which you can place in bathrooms. You can also make placements.

If you are the crafty type and you have been recycling cans as pencil holders and bottles as vases, you can use unbroken bracelets to design your cans and bottles. The good thing about this is that you can come up with a color scheme whenever you want, without hassles. Broken ones can be cut up into shapes and use them for photo albums, scrap books, and as decorations for other things.

If you do not want to use them as accessories, you can use them as bottle markers. Assign colors to the owners. For example, you can have the pink one and your sister can have the red one. Then put them around your bottles and you never have to be confused again about which is which.

Other uses of unwanted rubber bracelets include using them as grip. You just have to attach them on things that you need tighter grip on such as hammers, knives, axes, and weights. You can also use them to open jar lids and other tight lids, which you cannot open without assistance.

If you do not have time to do any of this, you just sell them to your local junk shop for a price. This way, you are guaranteed that your old bracelets will be recycles properly, without damaging the environment.

How to Keep Your Chickens Cool and Comfortable

Just like humans, chickens can also feel the effects of the hot weather, especially since they’re usually huddled together into one chicken coop. If these aren’t attended to as soon as possible, chickens may suffer from different conditions, thus having a detrimental effect on your poultry business.

Therefore, once you notice that your chickens are acting differently during hot climates, it’s best to attend to them immediately.

Signs That Your Chickens Are Suffering From Heat Stress

misting fansIt’s easy to see if your chickens are already suffering from heat stress, by closely looking at how they move. Usually, chickens that have their mouths open, as if they’re panting, are telltale signs that your chickens are already feeling too much heat. If you see your chickens just lying around, doing nothing, and they’re refusing any feeds that you provide, then it’s also a sign that your chickens are suffering from heat stress.

Aside from sickness, heat stress can also have a negative impact on the hens’ egg production. The hens usually lay a fewer eggs than normal when under intense heat, and when they do, the eggs they produce are usually smaller than normal.

Overall, these conditions can reduce the total profitability and productivity of your poultry.

Methods on Keeping Your Chickens Cool

There are several methods in which you can do to keep your chickens comfortable, even in hot weather. Some of them are quite simple, and some of them can take a little investment.

Find a shadier spot on which the chickens can stay away from the sun. If you have access to a tree with lots of leaves, move your chickens to that spot. If you can’t find a shady spot, then simply put up a tarpaulin on the roof of their cage to provide an effective makeshift shade. Aside from the shade benefits, the material from which tarpaulins are made of can also reflect some of the heat away from the cage itself, essentially making it cooler for the chickens.

Get some more space for the chickens to move around. Either get yourself a bigger chicken coop, or selectively move the chickens into different places so that they don’t huddle close together. This not only keeps the chickens cool, but also gives more freedom to the chickens so that can move around more. A chicken coop with a wider space also prevents any diseases from spreading around too quickly.

Set up an outside fan for better air circulation for the chicken coop. While some use ordinary fans for this purpose, misting fans are a better choice due to their evaporative cooling process which is very beneficial for the chickens. Setting up several misting fans in the proper places can help bring down the temperature of the entire coop to a great degree. Make sure that you use high-pressure misting fans for this purpose, unless you want your chickens to constantly take a bath.

Water is a very important element which keeps the chicken’s temperature down, so make sure that there’s a constant supply of water into the chicken coop. Simply set up a bowl of fresh water for the chickens to drink, and make sure to replace any water that’s been stagnant for a few hours to keep it fresh and clean. If you wanted to give your chickens a nice bath, misting fans with low-pressure nozzles can be used for this purpose. Alternatively, you can just bring out a water hose, and just set it properly so that chickens can enjoy a nice shower during hot climates. Don’t let the chickens bathe in too much water, though, as this could also cause them to get sick.

Our misting fans are completely designed with your comfort in mind.

4 Things that SEO Services Can Help Independent Authors in Marketing their Book

Self-publication has become a trend for the past years. Authors seek to have their creative works get exposed to the world. But a lot of work needs to be done in marketing the product if you want to join the independent authors’ bandwagon. And with the vast playing field of independent authors out there, getting your name up on search engine results will probably be your biggest help.

SEO services can relieve you from all that trouble of getting your name up on the search engine rankings. Here are some insights on what SEO firms can do to help you market your book through internet marketing and search engine optimization.

The right words:

Content is the top factor that SEO companies consider in their marketing strategies. They build the content of the website for their clients. This is done by punching in the right keywords. Now you might say that, as an author, you know a thing about words. But SEO services provide the right ones for you. What keywords do readers use to look for books and authors? Do they still use words like “thriller”, “horror” or do they use “young adult” or “children’s literature”? Do users search for genre or literary movement? These are the questions that SEO firms answer and work on to get your name up on the search engines. They optimize the site’s visibility in search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo. This can aggregate the kind of audience for your genre. So once you build a website, SEO firms can work on your site’s content, while you can work on your book.

The right look:

Making an efficient SEO Serviceswebsite is essential. The ‘crawlability’ of a site is needed so that search engines can check its reliability as a web page. Not all SEO firms handle web design. But what search engine optimization can do is to fix the architecture. This means going through the nook and crannies of your site such as the links and tabs. All websites must have their links directed properly and have a homepage to really effectively work. SEO services can also work on your URL. That way, search engines can filter all other names that are similar to yours.

The right circle:

Social media networks are a huge factor in getting an audience. Goodreads would have to be the top social media site for readers and bibliophiles. Facebook of course is the leading site when it comes to social networks. SEO services can utilize social media to boost your credibility as well. Search engines consider the amount of shares, likes and activities in a social media page. This is because search engines weigh the credibility and relevance of the page; and having likes and followers on your Facebook page can optimize your reputation. Sharing your page is also a way for search engines to analyze user behavior, how relevant it is to accounts.

The main thing in having social media as a marketing tool is to engage with your audience. So on your website put in the ‘like’ and ‘share’ buttons of Facebook and Twitter so that your guests can spread the word of your website.

The right place:

SEO firms can help you build an audience in a certain place. Search engines personalize the search of a user based on their location. Not all users get the same results when they type in a keyword. They also don’t get the result in a certain place. SEO services can get the trending genres in a certain region where your book has a wide readership.

These are just some tools that search engine optimization can do to help you market your material. Websites such as Amazon has already developed self-publishing programs for independent authors. WordPress is also another great platform for authors. But SEO provides the visibility of your website, blog, and social media page. It’s still your job to engage.

5 Components of Landing Page SEO

page seoWhen you’re building a website, you often times forget about the pieces that need optimization for the best search ranking. Millions of websites showcase this, and it’s not going to change anytime soon. In fact, you may have built a lot of pages in the past where the main concern was the design and not the code structure. Times are changing, and the design elements matter just as much as what you do with your site after it’s completed. If you have hired someone to build it for you, then you need to also need to make sure that they are working with the right code in line and are going to help ensure that your site is indexed heavily.

For those that are building landing pages, SEO matters greatly, which is why you will need to make sure to follow through with implementing the following 5 components.

The Header Image Home Page Link
If you are going to have a landing page that leads to other pages (navigation), or you just have a one page email capture site, make sure that you link the header to the home/index page. This may seem a bit odd, but you will want to ensure that you have that extra bit of text on the backend of your site. For SEO to take root, you need to ensure that the image is optimized properly. That means including alt text, title text, and making sure that the URL is linked as well. That’s 3 more components to the header than you would normally include, and that means more juice within optimization.

Fully Optimized Images
Falling in line with the aforementioned header concept, you’ll need to make sure that all images that are uploaded also get optimization. They need to be at the proper height and width, as well as have code that details the alt and title tags properly. These should not infringe on the loading time too much, and should not be resized with HTML, because that will stifle the loading time, which is one of the important measurements needed for ranking.

Content That is For Human Reading
Robots and humans do not read in the same manner. The content that you’re going to put on a website has to reflect that, and it needs to be written with the end user in mind. Make sure that you either hire someone or you focus on doing this on your own with major isolation of the way you’re coming across. If you aren’t focused on the end user here, your rankings will suffer in the long term, guaranteed. Do not use duplicate content, spun content, or a hard sell either.

Clearly Defined Call To Action
The purpose of a landing page needs to be defined. Whether you’re welcoming people to your site or you are trying to capture their email address in exchange for a free item. Make sure that you are upfront with the end user, as this will help your bounce rate. Bounce rate is a good thing to keep an eye on, because you don’t want it to be too high, or you could end up frustrated over the traffic that you’re receiving as a result.

Outbound Links
One thing that you will want to have in place within the structure of any landing page is an outbound link to a trusted source. Whether you’re looking for authority, or you’re linking to your blog that is hosted away from the main domain, make sure there is at least 1 outbound link. Creating in bound links are important too, but making sure that you are linking to an authority source will help your cause in regards to proper SEO placement.