About Hassan

Hassan Hassan is an editorial writer and columnist for The National newspaper in Abu Dhabi, UAE. This blog focuses on Syria, the Arab Gulf states and radicalism in the region. 

As an editorial writer, I write commentaries on a daily basis about current affairs in the region. I'm from a tribal area in eastern Syria. I had lived in Damascus for six years before moving to the UK for studies and then to the UAE. 
I hold a Master's degree from The University of Nottingham,  the UK, in International Relations and Affairs. Find my work in The Guardian, Foreign Policy, Qantara, Al-Monitor, among others. My articles can also be found in Arabic press, in Kuwaiti newspapers Al Seyassah and Al Jareeda, and in Alamiya and 24h.ae 
Please feel free to contact me via E-mail hhassan[at]thenational.ae. You can also contact me on Twitter or Facebook and do not forget to like the blog on Facebook
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